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Legal service petitions for Auditor General's dismissal (update)

Supreme Judicial Council to address ongoing governmental challenges regarding the conflict between Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides and the Cyprus Legal Service

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

Amid ongoing turmoil between the leadership of the Legal Service and Auditor General Odysseus Michaelides, a petition for Michaelides' dismissal has been filed with the Supreme Judicial Council. Attorneys representing the Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General, Dinos Kallis and Leandros Papafilippou, lodged the petition at the Supreme Court registry on Friday morning. The petition outlines events believed by the Legal Service leadership to have impeded its operations, warranting Michaelides' suspension.

The hearing, set to be conducted by nine Supreme Court judges, will resemble past proceedings, akin to the case of Rikkos Erotokritos, as legal expert Rikkos Mappouridis explained on SPOR FM's NEWS DIVISION. Michaelides' legal representation before the Supreme Judicial Council will be led by a team of lawyers who previously defended former Attorney General Kostas Clerides, including Joe Triantafyllidis and Christos Clerides, with lawyer Pambos Ioannidis joining the legal defense team.

Meanwhile, Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides responded to the motion for his dismissal with confidence, asserting that justice would prevail through the evidence and documents presented in court. He expressed his belief that the overwhelming evidence supports him and that the public's sense of justice will be vindicated. Michaelides emphasized his commitment to seeing the case through to uncover the truth, stating, "I will do everything procedurally possible to ensure that the case is brought to a conclusion so that the truth can shine through."

Regarding the allegations outlined in the petition for dismissal, Michaelides characterized them as part of a larger retaliation initiated against him by the Legal Service duo. He claimed that the petition was a response to his office forwarding complaints to the Anti-Corruption Authority and other findings made by the Audit Service. Michaelides condemned the accusations as unsubstantiated and welcomed the opportunity to address them before independent and impartial judges.

Asserting his resolve in the face of adversity, Michaelides vowed to confront the challenges posed by the government's modernization plans and the Legal Service's actions. He expressed confidence in the Constitution, law, and truth as powerful allies, citing his lack of fear or worry. Michaelides concluded his statement by reaffirming his commitment to transparency and accountability, stating, "As of today, the witnesses, the evidence, and the documents will speak, and the final word will be given to the judiciary."

[This article was translated from its Greek original]


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