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26 June, 2024
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Clear skies, clouds, and gentle showers this weekend

The weather forecast from the Cyprus Met office

Newsroom / CNA

A weak low-pressure system is affecting the region.

Today, as the dissipation of local low clouds takes place, the weather will soon transition to predominantly clear skies. However, later in the day, localized cloud cover will increase, leading to isolated rainfall occurrences, primarily in mountainous areas. Additionally, intermittent dust particles will be observed in the atmosphere. Initially, winds will exhibit variable directions with light intensity, reaching up to 3 Beaufort, but they will gradually shift to moderate levels from a seaward direction, measuring between 3 and 4 Beaufort. The sea conditions will range from calm to slightly rough. Temperature-wise, inland regions will experience a rise to approximately 30 degrees Celsius, while the southern and eastern coastlines will hover around 26 degrees Celsius. Along the northern and western coastal areas, temperatures will settle near 25 degrees Celsius, and the higher elevated mountainous regions will observe temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius.

As nightfall arrives, an increase in mid-level to high-level cloud coverage is anticipated. Initially, prevailing winds will stem primarily from the northwest to northeast, gradually transitioning to the northeast to southeast directions. Wind speeds will remain light, reaching up to 3 Beaufort. Sea conditions will mirror the previous period, maintaining a state of relative calmness with slight turbulence. Temperature readings will decline, dropping to approximately 16 degrees Celsius inland, around 17 degrees Celsius along the coastlines, and roughly 12 degrees Celsius in the elevated mountainous areas.

Over the upcoming weekend, the weather forecast indicates a mostly cloudy atmosphere with intermittent breaks in cloud cover. Localized, predominantly light rain showers are expected, accompanied by sporadic instances of atmospheric dust. On Monday, localized showers and isolated thunderstorms are anticipated, primarily affecting mountainous regions. Temperature-wise, a gradual rise in values is projected until Sunday, followed by a slight decrease on Monday. Overall, temperatures will remain close to, and slightly above, the average climatic norms for this time of year.

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