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Cloudy skies and sporadic showers

Weather forecast highlights variability


Weather forecasters predict intermittent clouds today with isolated showers and the possibility of isolated thunderstorms, mainly in the western half of the island. Localized showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected later in the day, particularly in the eastern half of Cyprus.

Winds are forecasted to blow mainly from the southwest to northwest, ranging from light to moderate, at 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea is expected to be moderately rough. Temperatures will reach 18 degrees Celsius inland, around 19 degrees along the coast, and 11 degrees in the higher mountainous areas.

Tonight, locally increased cloudiness is expected, which may result in isolated showers, mainly in coastal areas. Locally, during the early morning hours, sparse fog may occur. Winds will blow mainly from the northwest to northeast, weak at 3 Beaufort, and the sea will be calm to slightly rough. Temperatures will drop to 7 degrees Celsius inland, around 8 degrees along the coast, and 3 degrees in the higher mountainous areas.

On Saturday, intermittent locally increased cloudiness is expected, which may lead to isolated showers. Temperatures are forecasted to rise slightly and remain above average for this time of year.

Sunday's weather is expected to be mainly clear, with intermittent localized cloudiness. Temperatures will see a slight increase and remain above average.

Monday will see periods of increased medium and high cloudiness. Temperatures will continue to rise slightly and stay above average.

A weak low-pressure system is affecting the region. Starting Sunday, sporadic instances of thin dust particles may linger in the atmosphere.

The Meteorological Service advises residents and visitors to stay updated on weather forecasts and take necessary precautions, especially during periods of unsettled weather.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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