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''Snow-my-gosh!'' It's a winter wonderland!

Troodos mountains embrace snowy fashion fiasco


Hold on to your winter hats – Troodos, the fashionista of Cyprus mountains, decided it's time to flaunt its snowy ensemble! After a cozy rendezvous with "Avgi" last week, Troodos Square transformed into a catwalk covered in 27 cm of snow, drawing mountain enthusiasts like moths to a flame. The sudden popularity led local authorities to do a little traffic tango to accommodate the influx of admirers.

But wait, there's more! Professional photographers and filmmakers, seizing the opportunity to catch Troodos in its frosty glory, turned the spectacle into a winter blockbuster. Drones joined the fashion frenzy, capturing the mountains in all their snow-kissed glamour. Who knew Troodos had such a flair for winter couture? Stay frosty, Troodos!

See the amazing video below:

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