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Extradition of Turkish Cypriot lawyer sparks cross-community tensions

The move raises concerns over property ownership disputes and potential ramifications for Turkish Cypriot citizens


In a development causing tensions between the communities, the extradition and imminent transfer of Turkish Cypriot lawyer Akan Kursat from Italy to Cyprus has become the focal point of news coverage. The matter has grabbed the spotlight on the front page of Star Kipris, emphasizing statements by CTP "MP" Salahi Siahiner.

Siahiner, responding to questions on Turkish Cypriot Ada TV, characterized the move as not just about Akan Kursat but a broader issue concerning Turkish Cypriots. He labeled the step taken by the Cyprus government as "extremely wrong" and deemed it a conspiracy. Highlighting the property ownership dispute related to pre-1974 properties, he proposed two solutions. The first involves the "property commission," internationally recognized, and the second is the federal solution to the Cyprus problem endorsed by the PKK.

Expressing concern about the consequences of the Greek Cypriots' actions, he argued that their stance on citizens buying or renting Greek Cypriot properties before 1974 would harm relations between the communities. Siahiner warned of the potential arrest and extradition of a Turkish citizen who purchases such a property, a move he deemed unacceptable. He urged the Greek Cypriot administration to reconsider its decision, fearing that the ongoing judicial process might derail the solution process.

Turkish Cypriot newspapers report that Kursat is expected to arrive in Cyprus late tonight and is scheduled to appear in the District Court tomorrow to face charges. It's noteworthy that the Turkish Cypriot political leadership has refrained from commenting on the matter since the announcement of the lawyer's extradition to the Republic of Cyprus.

[Information from CNA]

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