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CMA fires back at whistleblower doctor

Doctor who resigned from CMA leadership says senior members were undermining GESY


The medical council of the Cyprus Medical Association has dismissed allegations from a former member, who accused his colleagues of undermining efforts to implement GESY.

CMA’s medical council issued a letter on Wednesday, saying they accepted the resignation of Dr. Alkis Papadouris but refuted his allegations against committee members.

The doctor alleges that a newly-formed group of private doctors was in fact created for the sole purpose of blocking GESY while CMA would keep up appearances

Papadouris had written a letter of resignation on Monday. He told his colleagues he would step down from the committee, citing special interests behind a concerted effort to block health reform and the implementation of a National Health Scheme (GESY).

“I understand that the current leadership of CMA is siding or cooperating with stakeholders who aim at promoting big private business interests and it is under the total control of ENIK,” Papadouris wrote.

The pediatrician also alleged that ENIK, a newly-formed group of private doctors in Cyprus, was in fact created for the precise purpose to block GESY while CMA would appear to be carrying on with negotiations on behalf of the entire medical body.

One allegation against CMA is that at least some doctors would offer jobs to colleagues in order to stay away from the GESY network.

CMA says they will take Papadouris’ allegations seriously, without ruling out legal action against the doctor if his claims cannot be substantiated.

Health minister weighs in

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou, who declined to comment on the specifics of the Papadouris resignation, said he had repeatedly made clear his views about the CMA leadership.

“It is clear through this resignation that some members do not want to see GESY implemented for their own reasons,” Ioanou said.

The minister issued a call to the entire medical community and every single doctor, urging them to do the right thing by contemplating what they can gain from GESY while at the same time what they can offer.

“Because this is about social contribution and all of us ought to embrace it,” the minister said.

CMA argues they are not against a better and improved GESY plan, but they stand against what they describe as “inflexible” and “non-negotiable” positions of the current reform effort.

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