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Cop arrested in bogus shrink case

Female police sergeant and 'charlatan psychiatrist' detained, bizarre car incident thrown in the mix


A police sergeant and a shrink accused of practicing without licence have been detained in connection with a bogus treatment scheme that targeted an unsuspected Nicosia resident.

Local media said a 42-year-old female police officer was arrested on Wednesday following an investigation into a fake treatment scheme. The sergeant is being accused of presenting a friend as a licenced psychologist to an unsuspecting citizen.

Back in May 2017, a resident in Nicosia walked into to a police station to seek advice regarding one of her relatives who was having mental issues. The police sergeant who was serving at the station recommended a specific psychiatrist who later turned out to be a male acquaintance.

During the remand hearing, the court also heard about a bizarre incident where the sergeant took wrongful possession of a vehicle and never returned it

Recently, the resident reportedly discovered that the psychiatrist, who was charging €100 per visit for the man’s relative, was not listed as a licenced doctor and filed a complaint with police.

The shrink, aged 40, was also arrested while both suspects in the case were remanded in custody on Thursday for three days.

During the hearing, the court also heard about a bizarre incident where the sergeant took possession of the complainant’s vehicle following an accident involving the accuser’s relative.

The police officer said she could have the vehicle fixed and took it in her possession along with €800 cash from the complainant. But the car was never returned to its rightful owner, with the sergeant saying she put €5000 of her own money for repairs and assumed she could keep it. The accuser said she was then forced to sign and transfer the car title over to the sergeant.

The internal affairs unit within police is said to have examined the complaint and sought to suspend the police sergeant from her duties.

Both suspects are facing fraud charges and conspiracy to commit a felony. The female suspect is also facing bribe and corruption charges while the male suspect is facing charges of practicing medicine without a licence.

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