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Cabinet approves patient choice of doctor

NHS legislation on primary care physicians heads to the House for discussion


The Cabinet has approved the regulations pertaining to choosing primary doctors under the looming healthcare plan in Cyprus.

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said after a cabinet meeting on Tuesday that the regulations will go through House committees for discussion prior to a vote, according to Cyprus News Agency.

The rules will require that all patients in the new National Health Scheme (NHS) sign up for a primary care physician, who would either be a pediatrician in the case of minors and a pathologist or family doctor in the case of adults.

Patients can choose any doctor they want as long as he or she will be listed in the NHS network. CNA also reported that current proposed legislation would place a cap of 2500 patients per doctor, while the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) will have the right not to enlist additional doctors if the system is full.

The primary doctors will serve as gatekeepers in the system, helping cut down waiting times in hospitals while referring patients to specialists when necessary

The primary doctors will serve as gatekeepers in the system, helping cut down waiting times in public hospitals while they will be able to refer patients to specialists when necessary.

Patients will have the right to switch primary doctors every six months, if they are not satisfied, while parents will be able to sign up their kids with a new pediatrician at any given time.

The selection process must take place online, while additional provisions will be voted for those who may be computer-illiterate or senior citizens and need help in the process.

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