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Coronavirus thrusts Cyprus into consumerist frenzy

Market research by Kathimerini found that supermarket sales surpassed those of the Christmas period


The coronavirus outbreak has brought on a widespread consumerist frenzy across the island. Market research by Kathimerini found that retailers saw a skyrocketing of sales to the tune of over 400% compared to the corresponding period last year, even surpassing sales during the Christmas period.

Items of highest demand are antiseptic liquids and gels, followed by pasta, legumes, toilet paper, and general liquid detergents. Chicken and canned foods are also in high demand.

So far, supermarkets have not presented difficulties in re-stocking items on shelves, with the market appearing to hold stocks that can last one month.

Speaking to Kathimerini, high level executives of the supermarket market did not hold back judgement over the “exaggeration” of consumer purchases.

They spoke of one case involving an elderly woman, who bought 50 packs of pasta, and when asked by the supermarket cashier how large her family was, the woman replied that the pasta was just for her and her husband.


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