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Cypriot authorities take action against exploitative practices by foreign workers

Addressing the issue of domestic helpers and third country workers exploiting Cyprus as a back door to other European countries

In response to the persistent issue of domestic helpers and third-country workers exploiting Cypriot employers and authorities through deceitful tactics, the relevant departments of the Republic have introduced strict measures.

According to a report by Phileleftheros, the problem centers around a significant influx of individuals from third countries who enter Cyprus via private employment agencies, seeking employment as domestic helpers or workers. These individuals secure residence permits from the competent authorities through arrangements with their employers, following the prescribed procedures.

However, shortly after commencing work in areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus, many quickly relocate to the occupied territories and subsequently depart for other European Union member states. Investigations have revealed that these third-country nationals frequently deceive authorities by passing through the crossing points, feigning visits but never returning. They then proceed to the illegal Ercan airport, where they board flights to Istanbul and connect to various EU member states.

Essentially, these foreigners exploit the Republic's residence permit to gain entry into another member state. According to Phileleftheros, an increasing number of these workers favor countries such as Austria and Portugal.

The severity of this issue has captured the attention of Cypriot authorities. Discussions among public officials have highlighted the significant expenses borne by domestic employers in facilitating the employment of these individuals, only to fall victim to deception and endure substantial financial losses.

Furthermore, this modus operandi places a substantial burden on public services, creating administrative challenges for government departments and the Cyprus Police.

Phileleftheros reports that the chief of police and officials at the Department of Civil Registry and Migration have taken decisive action to address the issue. In recent days, the Police have instructed officers stationed at crossing points to retain the residence permits of individuals crossing into the occupied areas. These permits will be returned to the third-country nationals upon their return to Cyprus.

It is important to note that possession of a residence permit issued by the Republic of Cyprus is crucial for these individuals to board flights to other EU member states. Without it, they would be unable to enter any other European Union country. Consequently, this measure is expected to effectively curb fraudulent practices.

Since the middle of last week, police officers have been duly informed, and the implementation of these measures will commence immediately.

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