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Cypriots wake up to a cloudless Green Monday

Perfect weather for flying kites Monday, pattern change on the way by midweek


Cypriots were off to a great start in celebrating Green Monday, with sunshine and cloudless skies in the early part of the day and low to moderate winds perfect for kite flying.

Monday skies will be mostly clear in the early part of the day, while some waterless clouds are expected around noon and in the afternoon.

Weather forecasters have given the nod to Cypriot families going on their annual Green Monday picnic, with temperature highs expected to reach 21 degrees Celsius inland, 20 in the east and south, 19 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 13 high up in the mountains.

It is not advisable to fly kites near power lines while young children should not be left unsupervised if the wind picks up

Green Monday is a public holiday in the Republic of Cyprus, typically celebrated outdoors usually in open fields, national parks, and on public beaches.

Fasting takes place during these nature outings, as meat, dairy and eggs are traditionally not eaten on Green Monday. Strict followers of the Greek Orthodox faith, typically in older age categories, also go on a 40-day fasting, as Green Monday is the first day of lent and lasts until Orthodox Easter.

Winds will be light and variable, low to moderate between 3 and 4 points on the Beaufort scale, creating perfect conditions for children and adults who enjoy the tradition of flying kites on Green Monday. It is not advisable to fly kites near power lines while young children should not be left unsupervised if the wind picks up.

Foods eaten on this special day include vegetables, fruit and a special type of sesame bread "lagana" eaten along with a number of healthy dips, such as tahini, taramosalata, and hummus. A semolina-based dessert pudding is also served along with succulent, semi-crunchy ladyfingers dipped in syrup.

A change in weather pattern is expected by mid-week with more clouds on Tuesday, a low pressure system making landfall on Wednesday, and rain chances on Thursday with possible dust warnings.

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