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Driver killed in Green Monday road accident

British elderly man dies when car slams onto concrete wall in rural Paphos


An elderly driver was killed on Monday after his car slammed onto a retaining cement wall in rural Paphos.

According to police, 80-year-old British national John Christopher Pickard was driving his car on Monday afternoon along a rural route in Paphos district between Axylou and Amargeti.

The driver was wearing his seatbelt while it was not established if he died of a medical reason or impact from the collision

Around 2pm, police said, Pickard’s vehicle veered off the road under circumstances still pending investigation, with the car slamming into a retaining concrete wall and knocking the driver unconscious.

Pickard was rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital where doctors on duty pronounced him dead on arrival.

The driver, described as a permanent resident of Cyprus, was reportedly wearing his seatbelt while it was not established whether the cause of death was due to a medical reason or the impact from the collision.

A post mortem was scheduled to take place on Tuesday while traffic police were investigating the causes of the accident.

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