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Cyprus confronts alarming rise in children's mental health struggles

WHO study reveals disturbing trends as 1 in 3 or 4 children in Cyprus report mental health issues


A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals alarming rates of mental health issues among children in Cyprus. One in three or one in four children, both globally and locally, report recurring mental health challenges more than once a week, according to the WHO Health Behaviour in School-aged Children.

The study, conducted in Cyprus by the Center for Educational Research and Evaluation of the Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Education, highlights prevalent issues such as nervousness (33% and 38.0%), anger or whining (33% and 38.7%), sleep difficulties (29% and 20.8%), and insomnia (25% and 24.5%).

In Cyprus, over half of the children reported positive moods, feeling calm, and energetic, rested upon waking up, and having an engaging daily life. Notably, no significant differences in mental health were observed concerning children's socioeconomic backgrounds.

As children age, negative effects on mental health and well-being increase, with girls and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds reporting lower levels of mental health. The study notes that 36% of children globally rate their health as excellent, with Cyprus exceeding this by 10 points at 46.8%.

Despite the concerning trends, Cyprus maintains a slightly higher life satisfaction average (8.0) compared to the international average (7.5). The study emphasizes the need for support mechanisms, especially considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children's mental health.

The Education Ministry suggests investing in local programs, targeted interventions, and mental health monitoring mechanisms within the school curriculum to address and improve the mental well-being of the youth in Cyprus. These proposed measures aim to contribute significantly to the overall health of the young population.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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