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President unveils bold five-stage plan for Gaza's humanitarian lifeline

President Christodoulides charts a course to save lives by establishing a maritime corridor of hope for Gaza's civilians


The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Christodoulides, took center stage at the International Humanitarian Conference on Gaza, presenting the intricacies of the "Amalthea" Initiative. The initiative aims to establish a humanitarian corridor to Gaza, addressing the urgent need for aid delivery to the civilian population.

President Christodoulides outlined the comprehensive plan, structured into five stages:

1. Transport and collection: The first stage involves the transportation and collection of humanitarian aid in Cyprus.

2. Inspection, registration, and storage: The second stage focuses on the thorough inspection, registration, and storage of the aid received in Cyprus.

3. Loading and Inspection on board ships: In the third stage, humanitarian aid will be loaded onto ships, potentially from the port of Larnaca, with careful inspection.

4. Passage through secure sea corridor: The fourth stage entails navigating a secure sea corridor to ensure the safe transport of aid.

5. Unloading, receipt, and distribution: The fifth and final stage involves the unloading, receipt, and distribution of humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Gaza.

President Christodoulides stressed the feasibility of the "Amalthea" Initiative, emphasizing Cyprus' geographical proximity to Gaza, standing at just 210 nautical miles away. He highlighted the initiative's strength, not just in proximity but also in Cyprus' longstanding regional relations and credibility as an EU Member State.

The President called on conference participants to support the initiative, citing endorsements from leaders such as the President of France, the President of the European Commission, and the Greek Prime Minister, who expressed readiness to provide naval support for aid transfer.

The detailed planning and concrete implementation plan demonstrate the Republic of Cyprus's commitment to addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. President Christodoulides urged collective efforts in implementing the proposal, emphasizing its potential to save lives in line with the mythological significance of "Amalthea."

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