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Two accused in Kalogeropoulos and Mavromichalis killings busted trying to flee occupied territory

Inside the arrest of murder suspects at secret Tympou airport

Newsroom / CNA

Two individuals, allegedly implicated in the Kalogeropoulos and Mavromichalis homicides, attempted to flee from the illicit Tympou airport in a private jet.

However, their escape was foiled as the "police" apprehended and detained them. Currently held in the central prison of the pseudo-state, authorities from the Republic are being informed through the UN, as reported by "Khaber Kipris."

Despite the publication's claims, the local police, in contact with "K," have not confirmed the arrests, initiating efforts to validate the information within the occupied territories.

According to an exclusive report from 'Haber Kipris,' the suspects are allegedly linked to 'Polish-Russian connections.' During an inspection at the illegal airport, an employee from the 'immigration department' identified them as suspects, prompting swift action from the 'police.'

Haber Kipris reports that an investigation has been launched to determine any connections between the detained individuals and the recent murders. The two men purportedly entered the "tdvk" illegally and attempted a rapid escape from Erjjan via a private jet.

Recalling the two murders within 48 hours—Thanasis Kalogeropoulos in Limassol and Alexis Mavromichalis in Nicosia—the T/C website delves into details surrounding the incidents and the victims.

Objects found on the suspects are considered as evidence, with ongoing communication through the UN to involve the Police of the Republic of Cyprus. The possibility of extradition to the south is mentioned if the arrested individuals are linked to the murders.

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