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Cyprus detects 14 new coronavirus cases

The new coronavirus cases brought total cases recorded in the Republic of Cyprus to 1,474


The Cyprus health ministry announced 14 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, when 2,769 lab tests were conducted to check samples for the virus.

Of the 14, five were contacts of other known cases. One returned to Cyprus from Athens on August 20, and stayed with his partner who was coronavirus-positive. Of the remaining four new cases that were contacts, two were asymptomatic family contacts of a known case, and the rest were a couple also related to another case.

An additional five of Tuesday’s new cases emerged among people who took the initiative to get tested. One is a Greek national with a history of travel to Greece. Two are a Russian couple permanently residing in Cyprus with a history of travel to Russia. The fourth got tested after developing symptoms while the fifth is an asymptomatic carrier who recently travelled to Mykonos.

Another two new cases were detected at a Cyprus airport, involving two Greek nationals, a man and a woman, who are permanent residents of Cyprus and returned from Thessaloniki on the same flight on Monday.

One new case involved a person who returned from Athens on August 21 and developed symptoms two days later.

The final new case involves a person who referred for testing by his GP after developing symptoms.

The 14 new cases raised total known cases in the Republic of Cyprus to 1,474.

Currently, the Famagusta General Hospital is treating three coronavirus patients, one of which is in the ICU, while a fourth coronavirus patient is being treating in the Nicosia General Hospital ICU.

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