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Cyprus-EU alliance against Hezbollah threats reinforced

EU reaffirms Cyprus support amid rising tensions


Cyprus, as a member of the European Union, found itself drawn into recent geopolitical tensions involving statements by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Peter Stano, the EU Commission's spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, responded to these developments, affirming the EU's solidarity with Cyprus. Stano emphasized that any threat against a member state of the EU is considered a threat against the Union itself. He underscored ongoing EU efforts to engage with various regional and international partners to prevent escalation, noting discussions slated at the upcoming EU Foreign Affairs Council.

Stano clarified that the EU maintains continuous dialogue not only with Lebanon but also with a range of stakeholders in the region. This dialogue aims to promote de-escalation amidst broader regional tensions. Regarding Hezbollah, Stano acknowledged its political role in Lebanon but stressed that the EU engages with all relevant actors to convey its positions clearly. Meanwhile, Israel's response to the threats highlighted broader concerns about regional stability and security.

Cyprus responded through its Justice Minister, affirming robust measures against terrorism and reiterating its role as a stabilizing force in the region. Government representative Konstantinos Letympiotis dismissed allegations linking Cyprus to military activities against any state, emphasizing Cyprus's commitment to peace and humanitarian efforts.

President Nikos Christodoulides echoed this sentiment, emphasizing Cyprus's proactive diplomacy and humanitarian contributions. He underscored Cyprus's stance as a solution-oriented actor in the region, particularly in fostering peace and stability in Lebanon.

As tensions persist between Lebanon and Israel, the EU continues to monitor the situation closely, urging de-escalation and supporting diplomatic efforts by international partners. The EU's commitment to Lebanon, including support for its armed forces, remains steadfast, reflecting ongoing efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region.

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