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Cyprus grad's speech raises alarm on political influence

Graduate voices concerns over systemic inefficiencies


In a poignant graduation speech at the University of Cyprus, Lambros Dionysiou, a standout undergraduate from the Faculty of Science and Applied Sciences, highlighted deep-rooted inefficiencies plaguing Cyprus. Addressing his departure after completing his Computer Science degree, Dionysiou lamented a system where meritocracy often takes a back seat to political affiliations and familial connections.

"I am leaving without certainty of return, knowing staying here means risking being surpassed not by skill or knowledge, but by party ties and nepotism," Dionysiou expressed passionately to a receptive audience. His speech resonated widely, drawing both applause and discomfort as he underscored the challenges stifling Cyprus's youth.

"The country continually disappoints and restricts the aspirations of its young," Dionysiou added, his words laden with urgency and concern. His remarks shed light on the frustrations shared among many of Cyprus's younger generation, who increasingly look abroad for opportunities amidst a landscape of perceived systemic barriers.

Dionysiou's candid critique serves as a stark reminder of the issues facing Cyprus's future leaders, prompting reflection on the country's ability to harness its talent pool and foster a more equitable environment.

[Information sourced from Philenews]

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