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Cyprus gets no breaks as relentless cold goes on

Wet, windy, nippy days ahead, gun shy sunshine Thursday but still little hope from daystar this week


Frigid weather continues to show teeth in Cyprus despite a weakening low pressure system slowly moving away, with weather officials warning about even colder temperatures in nippy days ahead.

Wednesday skies will be mostly cloudy with strong winds and chances of showers and thunderstorms in many parts of the island as well as snow falling intermittently in the mountains.

Daytime highs will reach 10 degrees Celsius inland, 12 along the coast, and one below zero (-1) high up in the mountains where frost conditions dominate the landscape.

The state’s chief meteorologist, Kleanthis Nicolaides, said he did not expect Cyprus to catch a break this week and warned about even colder temperatures “noticeably below normal levels for this time of the year” over the weekend.

Evening skies on Wednesday will remain mostly cloudy with strong winds and chances of local showers while isolated thunderstorms are likely in coastal areas. Temperature lows will drop to zero (0) in the interior, 4 in the south and east, 5 in the north and west, while it will be five below zero (-5) higher up.

Frost conditions will remain in the mountains and foothill areas as well as leeward areas in interior lowlands.

Thursday skies will include brief periods of sunshine but also rain chances in the morning, with showers and thunderstorms expected in the following days.

Snowfall is expected throughout the week high up in the mountains. The last measurement of the Troodos Square snow gauge showed 30 inches as recorded Wednesday morning at 5am.

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