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Cyprus okays US ’forward deployed’ unit

Nicosia to accommodate American unit temporarily on the island in case of emergency


Nicosia has accepted a request from Washington regarding the arrival of an American Rapid Deployment Forces unit for humanitarian purposes in case of an emergency.

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According to the Cyprus News Agency, the United States asked the Republic of Cyprus to give its consent for an American military unit to be stationed temporarily on the island.

Cypriot government spokesperson Kyriacos Koushos issued a written statement, according to CNA, where he said “the Republic of Cyprus received a US request, through the American Embassy in Nicosia, and has given its consent to the temporary stationing of a rapid deployment forces unit.”

Should the need arise, the unit would be tasked with evacuating diplomats and staff in the region, including American citizens, Koushos added.

US Rapid Deployment Forces units are outside of their country's borders and often associated with the US Marines, who are stationed worldwide on ships, off the coasts of troubled regions and are said to be "forward deployed” and always ready.

According to US media, American forces in the region have been reinforcing their outposts, bases and airfields, with Pentagon directing about 4500 additional troops in addition to some 50,000 already stationed throughout the region.

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