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Cyprus police arrest five in Manigault case

AEL power forward still not out of the woods as police make headway in attack outside Nicosia nightclub


Police in Cyprus are making headway in the Corey Manigault case after at least five suspects have been arrested on attempted murder charges, while reports say the American basketball player is still hospitalized with a life-threatening head injury.

Two male suspects aged 38 and 39 were arrested Wednesday morning in connection with a vicious attack outside a nightclub in Nicosia, where AEL basketball player Corey Manigault was critically injured and two individuals sustained minor injuries Sunday early morning.

Three other suspects, described as local males aged 46, 19, and 38, had also been arrested following the incident but police declined to say whether all five men have been detained for the same offenses. The oldest, described as a Nicosia resident, has been remanded in custody for eight days following his arrest Sunday night.

Police told Knews they were investigating attempted murder but the motive remained unclear

The incident took place outside a nightclub in the capital and was caught on video by security cameras. Reports said a group of men, some arriving by car, attacked Manigault, his girlfriend, as well as teammate Brandon Averette.

Manigault was said to be in critical condition and “not out of immediate danger” after sustaining a serious head injury and internal bleeding, while the two other victims in the attack were said to have suffered cuts and bruises.

Police told Knews they were investigating attempted murder but the motive behind the attack remained unclear, while officials declined to say whether individuals involved in the incident might have been guests inside the nightclub.

“The incident took place outside the business establishment,” a police communications officer told Knews on Wednesday, while adding that photos of three suspects released to the public earlier were meant only to assist in their apprehension and not speculate whether anyone involved in the incident might have been a guest inside the nightclub.


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