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Cyprus police investigate child marriages

Two male suspects detained after police learns of two arranged marriages to two underage girls


A Cypriot court has ordered two males in remanded custody pending an investigation into two cases of child marriage, after police said it emerged that the two suspects performed civil unions with underage girls who had traveled to Cyprus.

According to police, two adult males of undisclosed nationality were arrested on Wednesday after local authorities learned each of them had married an underage girl who traveled from another country for the purpose of arranged marriage.

The age of the two females was not disclosed but they were described as minors, having the same nationality with that of the two suspects

Neither the age of the two males nor that of the females was immediately known. Police told Knews no further details could be provided regarding the case while local media confirmed the incident took place in a district in the Republic of Cyprus.

A police statement prepared by the office of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse said a number of state agencies were involved in removing the two girls from their residence and away from their husbands, who were ordered by a judge in remanded custody for eight days.

The age of the two females was not disclosed but they were described as minors, having the same nationality with the two suspects.

“A scourge of sexual abuse of minors is on the rise through ‘marriage’ or an ‘engagement’ to get married to adults, coming (mainly) from third countries, on the pretext of culture or customs in their countries of origin,” the statement said, adding that the law is very clear “against practices and behaviour that are illegal and cannot be tolerated.”

Law enforcement agencies investigate and prosecute suspects in connection with child marriage, the statement also said, adding that people who have specific knowledge but remain silent over such cases will also be prosecuted and face justice.

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