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Cyprus' public transport gets a facelift as massive infrastructure upgrade underway

New stops, shelters, and cycling amenities to enhance passenger experience


In a significant development, a new contract signed at the Ministry of Transport on Thursday outlines extensive improvements to Cyprus' public transportation infrastructure.

The contract encompasses the installation of 4,450 new stops and shelters, along with the enhancement of over 1,000 existing ones. These improvements aim to provide a more comfortable and efficient experience for passengers across the country.

Specifically, the contract outlines the construction and installation of 2,350 pillars nationwide. Among these, 350 will incorporate advanced technology, while the remaining 2,000 will feature lighting and printed information. Additionally, the plan includes 1,350 small and 650 large sheltered stops in urban areas, along with 100 large sheltered and weather-protected stops in mountainous regions.

Existing stops will undergo upgrades and be strategically placed along secondary routes. Furthermore, the initiative includes the installation of 200 cycle racks and 20 bicycle racks at central stops, promoting the use of bicycles as a complementary mode of transportation.

During the contract signing ceremony, Alexis Vafeadis, the Minister of Transport, Communications, and Works, expressed his satisfaction with the culmination of this long-awaited project. He highlighted that this initiative, initiated years ago under various ministries, aims to modernize Cyprus' public transport system, providing proper stops and information to passengers.

The winning consortium, "A.S. Aircontrol Ltd & AMCO A.B.E.E.," secured the contract with the lowest bid among 11 participating consortia. The signing took place in the presence of Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works, Eleftherios Eleftheriou.

The 15-year contract, valued at €61,658,761.88, plus VAT, comprises a five-year basic implementation phase amounting to €36,658,761.88, followed by a ten-year maintenance period of €5,000,000. It also includes the right to additional orders by the Contracting Authority up to €10,000,000 and allows other entities like municipalities, communities, school boards, and private individuals to place orders for public transport infrastructure development.

Aristotle Savva, the executive engineer of the Public Works Department, emphasized that the new stops are designed with consideration for local conditions and road network space. They prioritize accessibility for disabled individuals, safety, and weather protection, incorporating features like lighting and electronic signs powered by renewable energy sources.

Savva explained that the project will be implemented in four phases, starting with preparations for mass production and repairs at existing stops. The third phase will involve mass production and repair, lasting five years, followed by a 15-year phase for long-term maintenance.

This project, supported by EU funding through the Cohesion Policy program "THALIA 2021-2027," is expected to significantly enhance road safety, promote sustainable mobility, and bolster the overall transportation infrastructure in Cyprus.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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