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19 September, 2020
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Cyprus remains under storm watch

Low barometric pressure and westerly weather front are once again affecting the area


A yellow weather warning is in effect Monday morning, while thunderstorms are expected to continue in the evening all around the island.

Low barometric pressure and a westerly weather front are once again affecting the area. Weather officials issued a yellow alert on Sunday through Monday at 11am, saying “thunderstorms probably accumulated by hail” would affect the area over Cyprus.

The forecast for Monday included rain showers, isolated thunderstorms, and possibly hail, while in the evening it will be partly cloudy with strong winds expected in some areas. Showers and hail are also expected overnight while sleet could form up in the mountains.

Maximum high temperatures will reach 20° Celsius both inland and in most coastal regions, except out west where it will be 19, while it will be 10 degrees up in the highest elevations.

Minimum lows will be 13° Celsius both inland, around 17 in the coastal regions, while it will be 7 degrees up in the highest elevations.

Temperatures are expected to drop by mid-week, while weather officials do not rule out snow up on the Troodos mountains sometime this week. 

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