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Cyprus rides out the storm

Heavy rain on its way out, cloudy skies still remain with chances of showers over weekend


A high pressure system moved in on Friday over Cyprus, decreasing chances of heavy rain while showers and cold temperatures are still expected, with a slight temperature rise over the weekend.

Friday skies will be mostly cloudy in the early part of the day with chances of local showers and isolated thunderstorms, while it will be partly cloudy in the afternoon.

Maximum high temperatures will reach 17° Celsius both inland and in the coastal regions, while it will be 5 degrees up in the highest elevations.

A yellow alert is in effect on Friday until 4pm for the east and south coasts, where precipitation over 35 milimetres is expected

Scattered clouds overnight will be accompanied with minimum lows falling down to 9 degrees inland, around 12 along the coast, and 3 up in the mountains.

Mixed weather is expected over the weekend with clear skies on and off along with cloudy weather over local areas and a chance of isolated showers, mainly on the foothills and in the mountains.

Temperatures are expected to rise slightly over the weekend and remain the same through Monday, with officials saying temperatures will be recorded above normal averages for this time of the year.

A yellow alert for all areas was in effect through Friday but it expired at 11am, except for the east and south coasts where precipitation over 35 milimetres is expected until 4pm. During the warning, all areas listed in a yellow alert remain under a flood watch.

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