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Cyprus revs up its new car registrations

Get behind the wheel of the latest trend and explore the dramatic shifts in Cyprus' automotive landscape


The Cyprus Statistical Service's latest report reveals a significant surge in motor vehicle registrations, marking a 33.5% increase to 17,589 in January-April 2024, compared to 13,180 in the same period of 2023.

Passenger saloon cars notably rose by 31.3% to 13,851 from 10,546 in January-April 2023. Among these, 43.8% were new acquisitions, while 56.2% were used vehicles. Conversely, rental car registrations saw a decline of 18.5% to 1,399.

The distribution of fuel types witnessed a notable shift, with petrol-powered cars decreasing to 48.9% in 2024 from 60.1% in 2023, while diesel cars declined to 10% from 11%. Meanwhile, electric car registrations rose to 3.6% in 2024 from 2.3% in 2023, and hybrid cars surged to 37.4% from 26.6%.

Moreover, motor coaches and buses increased to 78 from 68 in the same period of 2023, and goods conveyance vehicles spiked by 47.4% to 1,963 in January-April 2024. Light goods vehicles saw a 48.5% increase, heavy goods vehicles rose by 40%, and road tractors surged by 91.9%.

Mopeds under 50cc saw a substantial increase to 364 compared to 35 in the previous year, while mechanized cycles over 50cc rose by 6.6% to 1,099 in January-April 2024.

In April 2024 alone, motor vehicle registrations reached 4,762, marking a remarkable 59.4% increase compared to 2,987 in April 2023. Notably, passenger saloon cars witnessed a surge of 60.5% to 3,662 registrations, up from 2,282 in April 2023.

[Source: CNA]

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