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Cyprus's 2024 holiday calendar unveiled

Your ticket to moments of reflection and joy


In 2024, Cyprus sets the stage for refreshing respites and cherished moments of reflection as holidays align with weekdays, creating numerous extended weekends throughout the year.

March stands out with two long weekends: Green Monday (16th-18th) and Cyprus National Day (23rd-25th). April follows with the National Anniversary on the 1st, while Labour Day falls on May 1st, offering midweek breaks for relaxation.

May brings further opportunities for leisure with Good Friday (3rd), Easter Sunday (5th), and Easter Monday (6th) inviting gatherings and quiet contemplation. Pentecost on June 24th ushers in a serene interlude, while August 15th commemorates the Assumption of Mary.

October resonates with national pride, marking Cyprus Independence Day (1st) and Oxi Day (28th). December wraps up the year with Christmas Eve (24th) and Christmas Day (25th), followed by the Synaxis of the Theotokos on the 26th.

In 2024, Cyprus beckons its residents to embrace the beauty of each fleeting moment, amidst the rhythm of holidays and cherished traditions.

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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