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Cyprus still undecided on EUDCC recovery for tourists

Cabinet halves Safe Pass recovery period for domestic use but similar decision for tourists still pending


A certificate of recovery in the Republic of Cyprus will continue to list 180 days as period of validity, but a decision to halve that period starting next month will only affect locals using Safe Pass unless the government decides to extend the measure to incoming visitors as well.

As of 31 January 2022, according to a health ministry clarification statement on Wednesday, the period of validity of the certificate issued for those who have recovered from COVID-19 will be reduced from 180 days to 90 days.

Health Ministry spokesperson Constantinos Athanasiou said the 180 days will remain valid for travel purposes, saying the 90 days for domestic use was a decision based on Cabinet approval in late December.

'If there is no decision to update or change the validity period for incoming travelers, then current rules will continue to apply'

Athanasiou told Knews on Thursday that Cypriots traveling to other EU member states starting next month will have up to six month validity in their recovery period “but this depends on the country destination.”

“It is up to 180 days because that’s the maximum, but other countries may have a shorter validity too, like Greece for example,” Athanasiou said.

Asked whether foreign visitors traveling to Cyprus after January while using EUDCC for recovery will be subject to the 90 or 180 day rule, Athanasiou said the question was still pending for travelers coming to the island.

“This has not been decided yet,” he told Knews.

Current rules through January 31 state that an EUDCC of recovery can be used to generate a SafePass in the Republic of Cyprus for 180 days.

“If there is no decision to update or change the validity period for incoming travelers, then those rules will continue to apply,” Athanasiou said.

Details about Cyprus and other EU member states regarding entry requirements and additional measures can be found here, where information is kept up-to- date.

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