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Cyprus struggles with illegal sperm clinics and lack of donor registry

Members of Parliament highlight the risks posed by illegal clinics and lack of controls in medically assisted reproduction due to the absence of a national donor registry.

The lack of a register for egg and sperm donors used in medically assisted reproduction in Cyprus has emerged as a serious issue. During a recent meeting of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, DISY MP and member of the committee, Rita Superman, discussed the problem of the lack of a register for egg and sperm donors in Cyprus, which has resulted in illegal clinics and a lack of control over clinics that receive genetic material from citizens. Superman noted that this poses a significant risk to society, as there is no way to monitor the quality of the genetic material being used.

According to Superman, the register was supposed to have been established in 2015, but this has not yet happened due to a lack of legislation. The absence of a register means that clinics are operating illegally, and there is no way to control or monitor the genetic material being used. This has led to cases of foreign women being recruited to donate their eggs, which is not only illegal but can also pose serious health risks to donors.

During the discussion on Spor FM's Diaspora News, Superman highlighted the importance of balancing the rights of all parties involved in medically assisted reproduction, including the right of children to know their biological parents. The removal of donor anonymity was also discussed, which is not satisfactorily regulated either at the national level or at the European level. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has recommended that member states phase out donor anonymity.

Superman expressed hope that a bill in the Health Committee, which is being discussed, will soon be concluded. The bill would establish a register for egg and sperm donors, which is essential for ensuring the quality of the genetic material being used and for monitoring the clinics that receive it. The lack of a register is a serious problem that needs to be addressed to ensure the safety and well-being of donors, recipients, and their children.

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