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22 July, 2024
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Cyprus under orange weather alert

Cyprus continues to bake as weekend temp highs soar to 42.5 degrees


Officials in the Republic of Cyprus issued an orange weather alert on Sunday due to extreme high temperatures, reaching over 42 degrees in many parts of the island.

According to an extreme high temperature warning issued on Sunday, maximum temperature highs were expected to reach 42.5 degrees Celsius (108.5 Fahrenheit) in many areas across Cyprus.

Mostly clear skies and warm weather will continue through the evening, with temperature lows ranging in the low 20’s in the north as well as in mountains and mid 20’s in all other regions.

Similar hot weather is expected Tuesday through Thursday, when temperatures will remain high in the interior and drop slightly along the coast

Monday weather will remain clear and warm, with temperature highs at 42 inland, 39 in the south and east, 38 out west, 36 in the north, and 32 in the mountains.

Similar hot weather is also expected Tuesday through Thursday, with temperatures remaining high in the interior and dropping slightly along the coast while all levels will remain above normal averages for this time of the year.

An orange alert is a warning for the public and local authorities to be prepared for high temperatures that can be associated with health risks among groups that are considered vulnerable, such as the elderly and children.

It is also possible that an orange alert could be followed with specific guidelines over public announcements, including online media, radio and television. 


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