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Detained street vendors accused of kidnapping

Two foreign men trying to sell soccer jerseys to kids say they had no intention to kidnap children


Two men in Limassol were remanded in custody for eight days, facing kidnapping charges after a parent said street vendors tried to entice a group of children to buy soccer jerseys from a car nearby.

According to local media, two foreign nationals were detained Thursday evening near the old port in Limassol, after parents of children who had been playing in the area said two men approached the group and told them they had soccer jerseys in their car.

The Cyprus News Agency reported that the two suspects told a group of children aged between 8 and 11 that they had soccer jerseys for sale in their vehicle, which was parked nearby. It was understood that the street vendors had invited at least one child to look at the shirts while three others backed away.

Local media said some of the children ran back to their parents to alert them of the two street vendors, described in the media as Egyptian nationals, who were later arrested by police officers who rushed to the area.

Police told Knews they could not provide any details about the case but a communications officer confirmed the arrests were made in connection with an ongoing investigation into possible kidnapping offences.

No other crimes were being investigated, while CNA reported that the two suspects were jailed overnight. State radio on Friday said the two suspects, aged 21 and 29, were ordered to remain in remanded custody for eight days. 

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, the two suspects deny the charges, saying they had no intention to kidnap children.

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