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23 May, 2024
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Don't let the rain dampen your spirits

Get ready for a mix of sunshine, showers, and thunderstorms as weak low pressure takes the stage!


Happy Friday, folks! Let's kick off the weekend with a peek at what Mother Nature has in store for us. Weak low pressure is taking charge of the area, so get ready for some interesting weather antics!

Today, after we shake off the morning fog and low clouds, the skies will brighten up with mostly clear conditions. But hold onto your hats, because as the day progresses, those fluffy clouds will start to flex their muscles and might even throw us a surprise shower or thunderstorm, especially in the mountains, south, and inland areas. Keep an eye out for hail if you're caught in a thunderstorm! Winds will start off wishy-washy, but they'll gradually pick up speed from the southwest to northwest, adding a bit of zest to our day. The sea might get a little feisty, so if you're planning a beach day, be prepared for some waves. Temperatures will climb to a comfortable 27 degrees inland, 24 degrees on the coast, and a refreshing 18 degrees up in the mountains.

Tonight, expect mostly clear skies but don't be surprised if you spot some low clouds sneaking in. Inland areas and the southeast might even get a visit from thin fog or mist as the night progresses. Winds will keep things breezy from the northwest to the northeast, making for a calm to slightly choppy sea. Temperatures will dip down to a cozy 13 degrees inland and on the coast, and a crisp 9 degrees up in the mountains.

As we roll into Saturday and Sunday, keep an umbrella handy because those clouds will be making a comeback, especially in the mountains, inland, and the south. Isolated showers or thunderstorms might crash the party, so stay prepared! But fear not, Monday brings clear skies and a chance to catch our breath.

Temperatures won't be straying too far from the norm, so no need to break out the winter woolies just yet. Enjoy the weekend, stay weather-wise, and make the most of whatever Mother Nature throws our way!

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