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Downward spiral continues in gov't employment as casual staff numbers rise

July 2023 sees further drop in permanent personnel, marked increase in casual hires

Newsroom / CNA

Government employment trends continued their downward trajectory in July, impacting all categories of permanent personnel. Concurrently, there has been an uptick in the recruitment of casual staff.

Recent data released by the Statistical Service on Friday revealed that in July 2023, the number of permanent staff diminished by 704 individuals (2.7%), dropping from 25,902 to 25,198. Conversely, casual staff experienced a surge of 1,713 personnel (9.1%), totaling 20,435 individuals as compared to 18,722 in July 2022.

The most notable shifts were observed within permanent and casual staff of the Educational Service, with reductions of 2.9% and increases of 11.9% respectively. Moreover, a significant 18.9% decline was recorded among Hourly Paid Workers.

The broader government employment landscape underwent a decrease of 594 persons (1.1%) in July compared to the corresponding month in 2022, culminating in a total of 52,524 individuals. The Statistical Service attributed this decline to the transfer of Hourly Paid Workers from the Ministry of Health to the State Health Services Organisation. This transition took place in January 2023 and falls under the purview of the Broad Public Sector.

When juxtaposed with figures from June 2023, the most noteworthy shifts were within casual Educational Service staff (decline of -3.4%) and casual Security Forces staff (increase of 3.2%).


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