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Drilling activities in Cyprus EEZ postponed until 2021

ExxonMobil, as well as the ENI-TOTAL drilling consortium, have pushed back planned drillings, citing consequences of the healthcare crisis


After ExxonMobil recently postponed drillings scheduled for 2020 in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the Italian-French ENI-TOTAL drilling consortium followed suit, it emerged on Monday.

In a letter last week, the energy consortium postponed planned drillings in the Cyprus EEZ for one year, citing the consequences of the coronavirus healthcare crisis.

Nicosia appears relieved that the planned drillings were not cancelled but pushed back to 2021.

ENI and TOTAL were set to launch drilling activities in Block 6 and two other Blocks within 2020.

ExxonMobil, which was also scheduled to conduct two drilling operations in Block 10, also recently postponed planned activities until the summer of 2021.

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