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21 June, 2024
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Dusty skies and toasty temperatures ahead

Inland temperatures rising to 33°C


Get ready to embrace a sprinkle of dust in the air, as predicted by our friendly Meteorological Service. Today's forecast? It's all about clear skies with occasional visits from high and medium clouds, giving our blue canvas a bit of character. Winds will start off with a southerly to southwestern flair, but don't be surprised if they swing around to the northwest, maintaining a gentle to moderate breeze. By afternoon, expect a shift to a southwest to northwest wind dance, with some spots along the southern coast experiencing a gusty 4 to 5 Beaufort. As for the sea, it's a mixed bag—calm to a tad bumpy, especially as the day progresses. And hey, temperatures are rising, hitting around 33 degrees Celsius inland, a cozy 27 along the coast, and a refreshing 25 up in the mountains.

Tonight's agenda? Clear skies with a smattering of mid to high clouds keep things interesting. Winds will play it cool, starting from the southwest and northwest before easing into a gentle downslope vibe. Sea conditions? Still on the calm side, perfect for a nighttime dip. Temperatures will take a dip too, settling around 18 degrees Celsius inland, a balmy 20 along the coast, and a crisp 15 up in the mountains.

Looking ahead to the weekend, it's shaping up to be a sunny spectacle, with temperatures cranking up the heat! Expect plenty of warmth and clear skies, maybe with a cameo from some fluffy clouds. And as for Monday, well, it's just more of the same—warm, toasty, and totally out of season. So grab your sunscreen and shades, folks, and let's make the most of this radiant weather!

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