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''Vindication for my child'', Thanasis' mother says

Rushed funeral, buried truth: Mother's anguish over son's untimely death


The heart-wrenching account of Andriana, the grieving mother of the late 26-year-old National Guardsman, Thanasis Nikolaou, unfolded in a recent interview with Katerina Agapitou on the Alpha Cyprus show "Alpha Kalimera," revealing shocking details. Andriana expressed a mix of relief and determination following the Council of Ministers' decision to appoint two independent criminal investigators to probe possible errors and oversights by authorities surrounding her son's untimely demise.

In a poignant revelation, Andriana emphasized that her paramount concern lies in clearing her son's name from the shadow of suicide. She articulated, "I vindicated my child, since I took him out of the stigma of suicide." The gravity of her words echoes the arduous journey she has endured since her son's tragic passing.

Recalling the tragic circumstances surrounding her son's death, Andriana lamented the haste with which authorities proceeded with the funeral arrangements, burying not only her beloved son but also vital truths beneath the soil. She lamented, "The tragedy is that they rushed to hold the funeral and also buried the truth in the ground before 24 hours, it is something that did not allow the marks from the blows he received to appear, according to the experts."

Andriana's unwavering determination to seek justice for her son has been a relentless battle, marked by years of anguish and soul-crushing turmoil. Despite the emotional toll, she finds solace in the moral vindication she feels, knowing that her steadfast dedication has not been in vain. "The struggle has been very, very soul-crushing, it's been too many years, I've dedicated my life At this moment I feel a moral satisfaction because I proved that I was right for what I have been fighting for so many years," she shared.

As the investigation unfolds, Andriana remains hopeful that this pivotal step will lead to closure and accountability, bringing an end to the torment that has plagued her family for far too long. Her resolute spirit serves as a beacon of strength in the pursuit of truth and justice for her beloved son, Thanasis Nikolaou.

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