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Efforts underway to restore e-justice system amid technical issues

Intensive weekend efforts aim to restore functionality as Bar Association monitors developments


Intensive efforts are ongoing to restore the electronic eJustice system in Cyprus, with the operating company's contractor working through the weekend, according to Michael Vorkas, President of the Cyprus Bar Association. The current technical issues have prompted a return to physical court filings, with Vorkas expressing hope for a swift resolution by Tuesday.

In remarks to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), Vorkas stated that the interim iJustice platform is not a viable option. The Bar Association will assess developments on Tuesday before deciding on the next course of action.

Following a recent consultation attended by the Deputy Minister of Research and Innovation and court representatives, assurances were given by the contractor to resolve identified problems promptly. The Bar Association will monitor progress until Tuesday before determining its stance.

While Vorkas expressed optimism about a speedy resolution, he acknowledged that if issues persist, the eJustice platform may not serve its intended purpose. Regarding the impact on case adjudication, he emphasized a significant setback, necessitating a return to physical court appearances for litigation registration.

Vorkas dismissed the possibility of reverting to iJustice, citing data transfer complexities from iJustice to eJustice. The Council of the Pancyprian Bar Association awaits further developments, hoping for the successful restoration of the eJustice system to continue modernizing the justice system.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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