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Elderly woman defrauded by own flesh and blood

Son-in-law and daughter of senior citizen accused of beating and stealing her pension money


Police have arrested a married couple following a complaint by an 84-year-old woman, saying her daughter and son-in-law were beating her and stealing her monthly pension.

According to Paphos police, a 42-year-old man is in custody in connection with the case, after he was arrested on blackmail charges, as well as robbery, illegal gains, fraud and assault.

The man and his wife, who was also arrested but later released, were abusing the 84-year-old woman according to the complaint.

They were stealing various amount s of money, including her monthly pension, while they also managed to take €8000 from her savings.

The son-in-law was remanded on Thursday for six days by the Paphos District Court, while Paphos CID is investigating the case. 

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