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Enchanting Troodos in a blanket of white

See the pictures from the Forestry Department

Troodos is now covered in a blanket of white due to the recent snowfall that fell in the area. The photographs made public by the Forestry Department, which depict Troodos National Forest Park finally "dressed" in white, are telling.

Police are calling on motorists to exercise caution on slick roads

Drivers of vehicles on the Limassol-Paphos motorway are advised to pay close attention as areas of Paphos and Limassol are currently experiencing torrential rains. As a result, water is flowing and accumulating in various locations on the motorway, making the road surface dangerously slick. Strong prevailing winds are also affecting traffic and vehicle movement on the Limassol-Pafos motorway, and the rain has dangerously reduced visibility.

The 9.15 am rain and snowfall in Troodos made the roads slick. The Kakopetria-Troodos road is particularly slippery from snowfall, and visibility is poor for drivers on the Platres-Troodos road and the nearby road network because of fog.

Machairas and Paleochori have also experienced rain, but there are no obvious issues with the road system.

Local government crews in Paphos have cleared the roads Kelokedara-Salamios and Arminos-Filousa, which were impacted by landslides of soil and stones at dawn today.

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