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Cyprus goes under 24-hour severe weather warning

Substantial rain and heavy thunderstorms from Thursday until Friday morning as systems converge over island


A yellow warning went into effect all day Thursday in Cyprus, with weather officials warning about a mix of embedded showers and heavy thunderstorms during an entire 24-hour period.

Low pressure systems moving from the west and east are converging with a similar local system in the eastern Mediterranean over Cyprus, prompting weather officials to issue a yellow warning for Thursday, starting early morning at 6am and lasting for 24 hours until Friday 6am.

Thursday skies will be cloudy while a substantial rain event coupled with embedded showers and heavy showers in some areas is expected to affect different regions on the island. Total precipitation will likely exceed 55 millimeters throughout the warning period.

Temperature highs will reach 15 degrees Celsius inland, 17 in coastal regions, while it will be 6 high up in the mountains where snowfall is also expected.

Wet days will continue with no significant changes through the weekend until Sunday, when temperatures are expected to go up slightly and even reach above normal averages.

Police issued a warning calling on drivers to be careful on the road due to low visibility. 

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