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Ercan officers suspended over police brutality video

Calls for more Ercan airport officers to be investigated after police brutality video made public


Police officers at Ercan airport are being investigated over an alleged incident of violence, after a video made public showed a traveler being dragged and kicked by an officer while others were late to intervene.

According to Turkish Cypriot media, a traveler at Ercan airport in north Nicosia was dragged on the floor by a security officer who kicked him three times, twice in the stomach and once in the face.

Critics pointed out that a video of the incident was just now being made public while the beating took place in mid-June, one and half month earlier.

'This sort of mentality has no place within our law enforcement as it is a severe blow to the reputation of both our police and the country,' Ozersay said

No official statements were made about the video but in light of alleged police brutality made public, the administration confirmed the footage through Kudret Ozersay, who is in charge of foreign affairs in the north.

Ozersay said he met with police seniors upon seeing the footage and later issued a statement saying the police officer had been suspended, while calling on a criminal investigation along with disciplinary action against the officer involved. It was also pointed out that officers who failed to intervene in a timely manner should also be investigated.

“This sort of mentality has no place within our law enforcement as it is a severe blow to the reputation of both our police and the country,” Ozersay said.

Police said the male traveler in the video had been under the excessive influence of alcohol and was shouting at security guards. Specifically, prior to the incident on tape, he was said to have complained about mobile phones getting wet through the X-Ray machine and also cursed at the officers, according to media citing law enforcement sources.

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