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EU approves first vaccine for infant respiratory protection

Abrysvo vaccine offers mitigation against RSV


The Committee approved Abrysvo, the first vaccine protecting older adults and infants up to six months old from the respiratory illness caused by the RSV virus. The Commission stated that this vaccine is particularly important due to increased RSV infections in the EU last winter. The vaccine, now approved across the EU, will help boost the immune response to the virus. The authorization followed a thorough evaluation by the EMA's rapid assessment mechanism. Considering the significance of preventing RSV infection in children for public health, the Commission expedited the vaccine's approval.

Health and Food Safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakidou noted, "This is the EU's first approved RSV vaccine that safeguards not only older adults but also infants from birth. As we approach the upcoming fall and winter seasons, this vaccine can aid in preventing severe RSV consequences for some of our most vulnerable citizens. This is the European Union of Health keeping its promises and committed to addressing health threats with decisive action. I look forward to seeing member states begin to use this initial vaccine as part of their national vaccination campaigns."

RSV is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild cold-like symptoms. Most people recover within one to two weeks, but RSV can be severe in vulnerable individuals, including the elderly and those with lung, heart, and diabetes conditions.

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