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EU elections poll: DISY leads, AKEL follows

Far right ELAM projected to win a seat at the EU Parliament


Just a month before the European Parliament elections, a Kathimerini poll published on Sunday projects changes in the distribution of seats for the crucial electoral battle taking place on the 26th of May.

The poll conducted by Symmetron Market Research shows that DISY leads with 30%, AKEL follows with 23%, DIKO ranks third with 13.6% and far right ELAM is projected to get a seat in the EU Parliament with 8.3%. EDEK stands at 6.1% and is on course to lose its seat while the Green party receives 4.7% and newly founded DIPA 3.1%. Based on these numbers DISY and AKEL would secure 2 seats each, DIKO will retain its one seat and ELAM will win its first EU Parliament seat.

The poll also shows a lack of interest in the European Parliament elections with a projected 32.7% declaring that they will abstain.

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