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Paphos farmers chase out-of-towners away

Two farmers arrested following an attack on an off-road vehicle gang on a rest stop in rural Paphos


Two people were arrested on Sunday following complaints that they attacked a group of motorists during their rest stop in a rural part of Paphos.

According to police, approximately 20 people drove to a rural part in Paphos where they parked their ten off-road vehicles. At one moment, a 54-year-old local farmer and his 23-year-old worker approached the motorists, with the older male shouting at them.

Media reports said the 20 individuals were all from Georgia while police did not have information as to why the local farmer started to shout at them. It was also not clear whether the local farmer owned the land or whether the drivers had provoked the locals with their actions.

Police said the farmer holding a wooden stick attacked one of the 'unwanted visitors' while both he and his worker started throwing rocks at the cars of the out-of-towners

Police said the farmer used a wooden stick and attacked and injured one of the “unwanted visitors” while both he and his worker started throwing rocks at the cars of the out-of-towners. One of the drivers was struck by a rock in the head, prompting him to need medical attention and stitches.

In an effort by the driver to escape, he collided with a parked tractor which caused his own car to roll over. Both the driver and passenger of the overturned vehicle were then rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital, where doctors said they had suffered multiple injuries and bruises.

The 74-year-old father of the local farmer, who was also at the scene, was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons. Police said the elderly man said he was struck by the out-of-towners. A number of vehicles were reportedly damaged during the incident. 

The local farmer and his employee were both arrested on Sunday night, while police sources said they were not expected to be remanded in custody. CID Paphos are investigating the incident in cooperation with the local police station in Stroumbi.

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