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Drug suspect nabbed while 'digging'

Man detained on drug possession after cops place Yeroskipou industrial park under surveillance


A man in Paphos has been arrested in a sting operation after cops caught him red handed digging out a nylon bag filled with cannabis.

According to police, a 34-year-old male suspect was detained Thursday evening on drug possession charges after he was seen by officers unearthing a nylon bag that had been buried in open space inside the Yeroskipou Industrial Park, Paphos district.

Cops were tipped off in advance and apprehended the suspect as he was unearthing the drugs

Cops, who had been tipped off in advance about the plastic bag, apprehended the suspect around 8pm as he was digging out what later turned out to be 124 grams of cannabis.

Police told Knews the man was detained on suspicion of illegal drug possession after a personal search on the suspect yielded a nylon bag containing about 3 grams of crystal meth and a half-used rolled up marijuana joint.

Police officers also ran a background check on the suspect’s vehicle, which turned out not to be registered with the Department of Road Transport. Officials said the man was driving on an expired learner’s permit, without car insurance, while the vehicle had been declared off the road.

The Paphos drug squad is investigating the case while earlier this week two packages washed ashore in Peyia and Akamas, containing hashish estimated at 28 and 30 kilos.

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