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Explosion rocks central Paris leaving multiple injured and buildings ablaze

Gas leak suspected as cause

An intense explosion took place in central Paris, resulting in at least 16 people getting injured, seven of whom are currently hospitalized in critical condition.

According to preliminary reports, the cause of the explosion can be attributed to a gas leak.

Deputy Mayor Edouard Civell issued a message to the residents of the 5th arrondissement, informing them about the incident at Place Alphonse Laveran in the Val-de-Grasse district. Urging everyone to keep their distance, he stated, "Buildings are engulfed in flames, so please stay away to allow the firefighters to carry out their intervention."

The powerful blast shook the area at approximately 5 pm local time. A local resident recounted, "We heard a loud explosion and witnessed black smoke and debris scattered everywhere... Initially, we thought it was a lightning strike! There was also a noticeable smell of gas in the street."

Promptly responding to the emergency, a robust contingent of firefighters arrived at the scene and proceeded to evacuate the vicinity.

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