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Opinions differ on K-Cineplex explosion

Officials point to detonating device while K-Cineplex blames fire on short circuit


A statement from K-Cineplex says a fire at their west Nicosia location on Wednesday morning was caused by a short circuit, contradicting officials who said they found a detonating device on site.
Residents in Engomi, west Nicosia, woke up to a deafening explosion Wednesday morning just after 4:30am, which took place at the K-Cineplex.
According to local media, police and fire fighters got a call around 4:40am, while fire fighters had also been called to the scene where a bomb went off at the main entrance and hallway of the building. 
The fire was extinguished about an hour later, with only material damages reported and no victims.
While police said in the morning that the fire was caused by a detonating device combined with flammable matter, a statement from K-Cineplex later around noon said the fire was the result of a short circuit due to renovation and maintenance currently underway.
CID Nicosia are investigating the incident.

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