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Two injured in Limassol road explosion

Line marking equipment handler and delivery guy wounded in Public Works explosion


Two men were injured in an explosion on Friday in the middle of a Limassol road, when line marking equipment exploded unexpectedly.

According to police, the accident took place during maintenance work by state workers from the Public Works department, who were trying to use a device applicator to mark lines on the road.

At one point, under circumstances that were not immediately known, the two applicator tanks with chemically-treated liquid inside exploded, injuring the person handling the machine as well as delivery person on his moped who happened to be passing by on Omonia Avenue.

The two men were taken to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital, where they were treated for light injuries. Reports said there was no reason for concern regarding their health.

The road had been shut down briefly so that workers could address the problem and also clear the way for traffic.

Initial reports caused confusion and some outlets spoke of an explosion at a residence in the area, something which was quickly corrected.

It was not clear whether the condition of the equipment was new or old, or if there were other issues with the machine, while risks involving hazards vary depending on the method used for line marking.


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