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Extreme heat grips island this weekend

Cyprus under heat advisory this weekend as inland highs climb to at least 42


An extreme high temperature warning has been issued for Cyprus, with inland maximum expected to reach 42 degrees on Saturday and signs indicating further increase on Sunday.

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A low pressure system has moved back into the area with Saturday skies mostly clear and some cloud formations expected in the afternoon.

Humidity levels remain low during Saturday’s warning, reducing discomfort amongst the public but increasing chances of wild fires

Weather officials issued a heat advisory “yellow warning” alert for the island starting in the late morning at 11am until afternoon at 4pm, with temperature highs expected to reach 42 Celsius in the interior and mid-30’s in coastal regions and mountains.

A yellow warning due to extreme high temperatures means that people can be affected by heat if precautions are not taken.

Humidity levels are expected to remain low during Saturday’s yellow warning, reducing discomfort among members of the public but increasing chances of wild fires, weather officials told Knews.

Evening skies will remain mostly clear with light fog and low cloud conditions expected overnight. Temperature lows will range in the low 20’s inland and along the coast while levels will be in the upper teens in the mountains.

Extreme highs will continue Sunday and are not expected to drop before Monday, when temperature maximums are expected to drop slightly and gradually.

Orange alert issued for Sunday afternoon as inland highs reach 43C/109F, first noticeable drop not before Wednesday


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