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Biker dies in west coast road accident

Local man killed after motorcycle veers off rural road in Paphos district


A local biker was killed Sunday early morning in Paphos when his large capacity motorcycle crashed into a tree on a local route along the western coastline.

According to police, 24-year-old Evagoras Demetriou from Paphos was moving northbound on a rural highway from Argaka to Ayia Marina Chrysochous on Sunday around 4:45am, when his big capacity motorcycle veered off the road under circumstances still pending investigation.

Based on preliminary information, traffic police investigators believe the biker was not wearing a protective helmet during the incident

Police said Demetriou’s motorcycle struck the pavement and overturned, while additional reports said he ended up crashing violently into a tree off the side of the road.

The biker was rushed to the Emergency Room at Polis Chrysochous hospital and then transferred to Paphos General Hospital where doctors on duty pronounced him dead on arrival.

Based on preliminary information, according to some media outlets, traffic police investigators believe the biker was not wearing a protective helmet during the incident. An official statement neither confirmed nor denied the report.

Paphos Traffic Police and Polis Chrysochous local police are jointly investigating Sunday’s fatal accident, while the Cyprus News Agency reported that several fatalities had taken place along the same scenic road in the past.

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